Mental health issues

There has been a lot in the press lately with programmes such as obsessivecompulsivecleaners . Apparently this programme is over simplifying the issue of OCD and isn’t a true representation of what the disorder is. It has almost become fashionable to say I’m so OCD . However is this helping others that really do have this debilitating condition or more like a smack in the face.

I really don’t have an opinion but I do wonder whether it will ever become fashionable to sayI’m so bipolar or so schizo

Mental ¬†health issues should never be taken lightly . They bring intense suffering and misery to patients .I would love to see more understanding and empathy buI’m not quite sure identifying with a sufferer to imply you have the illness as well is at all right.¬†

On a lighter note here in Norfolk Pop and Panda had a great day yesterday. We went for a walk to the nearby hamlet of Hoe. Parked at the village church and after much scrambling around with dog leads ,off we set. I had thought that if we avoided the woods we wouldn’t get muddy. Well how wrong can someone be?

An hour later back at the car covered, yes they were both covered in mud. The lane had been somewhat well worn with tractors straight off muddy fields. Add to that some huge muddy puddles , just perfect for rolling around in and you might imagine the scene.

So on return home it was straight upstairs into the shower for them both. Well they looked and smelt beautiful once I had finished with them. They were so tired they had their tea and slept soundly. Oh bless my little Pop and Panda x x

Mental health issues